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once thought that I had everything. fucking illusion

i will be with you but not today

there are no indifferent people, are the only ones who are too proud to show any emotion.

let us learn to take from life what give. not just what we need.

day by day it's getting worse, I've had enough

to your favorite song we sang along to the start of forever

every beginning is difficult .
  • awatar misery.: No tak. Bo gdyby było zbyt łatwo, to jaki byłby w tym wszystkim sens? (:
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the only thing at which they recognize their feelings, is suffering.
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i becomes an adult. i'm losing my illusions, perhaps to gain other.

there is a goal, but there is no path . this what we call the way, is hesitantly.
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so damn far . so damn it hurts

with you to be forever. here